Contoh Teks Narrative

Dear Girls,

Hari ini aku mau share contoh teks narrative yang pernah aku buat zaman SMA.

Tom and Cathy

Once upon a time there were two cats who falling in love. They were Tom and Cathy. Tom was a wild strong male cat and Cathy was Jack’s pet, the owner pet shop in End Street. Cathy had white smooth fur, and because of she was a pet, Cathy looked so well took care, but Tom was a wild cat, so Tom’s fur was crude. In there place, Cathy was popular cat, many cat male liked Cathy, one of them was Berry. Berry was Miss Shanty’s pet, she was Jack neighbor. Berry had black fur and yellow light eyes and also he was very sly. However Cathy didn’t like Berry. She prefers Tom to Berry, because Tom was not only kind, but also strong and care male cat.

One day, Tom and Cathy date in Edge Lake. Tom brought a fish who caught by himself to Cathy, then they ate together. “Do you love me, Tom?” Cathy asked. “Of course my darling, you always in my heart!” Tom touched Cathy foot. “Tom, I’m feeling disappointed, because now days Jack was close with Shanty and Berry too, I’m fear if Berry tell Jack about our relation. We know that Jack doesn’t like you!” “I know darling, I’m just wild and ugly cat. Who man like me!” “Oh no darling, don’t be sad! I still love you Tom, and my love is endless love” “Thank you darling, you make me calm!”

The Cathy fear was happen. Jack came with Berry and he brought a net. Jack caught Tom and then put him in the cattle and he went to another place. Looked that Cathy was shocked, but she couldn’t do anything. She just could see her boy friend had brought by Jack. When the Jack car left her, she tried to run it, but she knew that car very fast. Cathy had a good idea. She went to Jack’s pet shop because her felt said that. When she arrived jack was there. She saw Tom in the Cattle. Jack would sell Tom in his pet shop.

Next day, Cathy came back to pet shop but she just saw in behind the tree. When the shop keeper went to toilet, she slunk into pet shop. She saw Tom there, and then she took a key on the table and opened the cattle. “Tom, are you okay?” Cathy said. “I’m okay darling, thank you for your helped!” then Cathy and Tom ran away from that place, they live together and never came back against.

-dara ainy-


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